Gond Art

Gond art is the paintings of Pardhan Gonds, the indigenous people living near Madhya Pradesh in Central India.

In the olden times, the occupation of Pardhan Gond people were to sing invocations to the divine beings in nature, along with the string instrument called Bana. They were also the storytellers of the villages, who would educate the younger generation about their mythology and culture. The Gond art originates in the wall decoration they used to make in their house as a part of their daily life.

About Us

It was when I was living in Mumbai in the Western coast of India that I happened to encounter Gond art. I joined as a volunteer an art event that employed one whole village school as the art space. I was astounded as I entered one of the classrooms.

All the four walls were filled with sun-face, trees, rivers, birds, cows, and other animals, painted so vividly, freely and colourfully that each of them seemed as if they were about to move and talk to me. I was completely fascinated by their strong, naive, and cute expressions. That was the Gond art.